Defining Smarter Way

CAD Preprocessor offers the ideal solution to calculate the FPB (Feed Plane Bend) values for pipe fabrication. It extracts the XYZ coordinates from pipe designs with uniform diameter and converts it to FPB. CAD Preprocessor does complex mathematics for you thereby making your life simple.

Import. Extract. Convert

Import a pipe design file in CAD Preprocessor to find out the bends and its 3D XYZ coordinates. The coordinates are extracted from the pipe geometry using complex algorithms. The extracted coordinates are then converted to FPB values quickly.

Key Features

CPP Features

CAD Preprocessor reads and analyses pipe design files to find out bend parameters in 3D coordinates

  • Automatically parses pipe designs in IGES format and converts it into XYZ coordinates
  • For pipe geometries with holes and end forms, you can manually calculate XYZ values
  • Supports Reverse Bend parameters
  • Converts XYZ to FPB
  • Calculates centerlines and diameters of cylindrical objects
  • Helps editing pipe geometry
  • Exports IGES file
  • Supports IGES files exported from popular CAD tools