About Us

CAD Preprocessor is jointly developed by Travancore Analytics, India and Creads Inc., Japan.

Travancore Analytics

Travancore Analytics

Travancore Analytics (TA) is a creative engineering team implementing innovative solutions in software. We offer products and services in the areas of Mobile Applications,Rich Internet Applications and Engineering Solutions for the desktop, mobile and internet platforms.

Instituted by a team of scientists and senior engineers, Team TA draws experience from its long term association with Academia, Technology R&D Institutions, Manufacturing and Software Development Industry.


Travancore Analytics

Creads Inc. offers new technologies by aiming to provide our customers with the required high quality services and innovations.With business-academia collaboration, Creads develop systems with the application of 3D visualization and image processing technologies.

Under the principle that we find new growth in the field of science technology and implement its industrialization, we develop products which appeal to the quality of "Made BY Japan".